Burkina Faso


Since you can find loads of facts and statistics about Burkina Faso on the internet, I will spare you from that and instead I will tell you about my personal experiences with Burkina Faso.

In 1991  I went on an assignment to Burkina Faso and this country really "rocked my world". Burkina Faso (according to my experince´) lives up to its name which directly translated means "The Land of the honest people".  Allthough the country is ranked as one of the most poor contries in the world, I find the people living there very proud, happy, friendly and with a great sence of humor. Contorary to many other African Countries I (as a foreinger) hardly see any signs of corruption, and when travelling on the roads I dont experience the endless amouths of checkpoints on the roads as I have experienced in many other African countries.

When travelling by road in Burkina Faso, I can strongly recommend to make use of the one of the major bus companies, since it's cheap and quite comfortable to travel by bus in Burkina Faso and the busses are normally right on schedule.


Banfora, Burkina Faso

Hereby some photos from the Banfora area in Burkina Faso where I'm so priviliged to spend most of my


Lake Tengrilla (Near Banfora)


A "Fruit eating bat"

15 KM North East of Banfora

A local man is taking water from "the magic water well". According to the locals, there is always nice clean water in the well which is just a small hole in the rocks.

15KM North East of Banfora

The collected peanuts is transported to the market

10 KM North East of Banfora

Green Tree Snake

A view from a room at the Silmandé Hotel in Ouagadougou

Probably the best Hotel in Burkina Faso.