A Bit of Danish Royal Air Force History

The photograph (mechanician) in his F84

238 F-84G served from 1951-61

38 Spitfires mk IX e
Served from 1947-1955.

Instrumentwiews in a F-84G

23 RF-84F served from 1957-71
Here is FR/PR FLIGHT (From 1960 ESK 729) lined up

3 F-84G over Jutland

When starting the engine, the starter exploded and the mechanician and pilot tryed to stop the fire. The crash tenders was busy caused many landing at that moment so the RF-84F was destroyed. Only the nose section could be used again.

25 F-104G and 4 TF-104 (2 seats) served from 1964-86
In 1971 they bought and updated 15 CF-104 and 7 CF-104D (2 seats) from the Canadain Air Force. These photos is from the last flight with a Danish F-104 where it depatured from Airbase Ålborg and arrived at Billund Air Museum.