In April 2004 I bought a 530 Liter Aquastabil Effectline Aquarium. Since I was a child i have dreamed of having a Discus aquarium, but at that time it was far to costly and problematic to keep this kind of fish in my Aquariums. Today, 30 years later, things has changed, the Discus is now affordable to everyone, so I bought 12 Red Diamond Discus, 50 red neon (Cheirodon axelrodi), 10 Corydoras paleatus, 10 Ancistrus dolichopterus, 8 Apistogramma ramirezi (Papiliochromis ramirezi).

Hereby follows a few photos of the Red Diamond Discus. When I bought them they were approx 6 cm and now 3 months after the biggest of them are a bit above 10 cm and they are about to get the adult colors.